Women own 20 pairs of shoes – but only wear a quarter of them

“I have enough shoes and I don’t need to go shopping”, said no woman ever. We can never have enough shoes at all. There are so many trends and styles and occasions, we become simply helpless what can we do. The only way to stop us from buying more shoes is to stop making them. The shoe lust is something no woman can resist even from any kind of therapy. We have so many pair of shoes, like obviously every woman has too many pairs of shoes.

We have different shoes for different occasions and different places. But, we mostly end up wearing few of them. The reason behind this is illustrated below.

  1. Love for few – Although we have many pairs of footwear, we love only a few of them. Some foot wears are like really close to our heart, and we can’t get over them at all. So, it is very obvious we will wear them most of the time. The shoes which are our less favorite are left behind. Sneakers for women are most trending and loved all of us.
  2. Comfort comes first – Footwears should be comfortable first and then stylish or whatever. We choose to wear our most comfortable foot regularly wears because we don’t want our legs to be paining and hurting at the end of the day. So, shoes which don’t have comfort rests on our racks on most of the days.
  3. Laziness strikes us – We are either in a hurry or we are lazy to take out our different foot wears on a daily basis and wear them. We usually end up wearing those foot wears which we daily wear and are kept We don’t always want to make efforts in finding and taking out the shoes from inside the racks.
  4. Heels are hidden – We buy beautiful and sexy heels, but we do not wear them until and unless we are going to parties or weddings. This is because heels are not meant to be carried on a daily Catwalk shoes or flats come to rescue then, in this case.
  5. Can’t take the risk for expensive shoes – We all have at least one expensive pair of shoes in our collection. We don’t want it to wear on a daily basis and spoil its look. And because of these tactics of saving these shoes for the best occasions, it makes these shoes rest till their time comes.

These were some weird but very genuine reasons why all women have mostly 20 pairs of shoes, but we end up wearing only very few of them. The sneakers are the most stylish and most comfortable footwear for women, which is trending this season. We mostly end up wearing them to most of the places we are heading. This is because they are stylish, comfortable and very durable. We can rely on them as they understand our feet so much that they never fail to provide comfort in any way.